STAND CONCEPT provides a stand concept to entirely meet the customer’s wishes. Branding elements in the customer’s house style are incorporated in the stand concept. is a turnkey rental package. An important aspect is that everything that is necessary to arrive at a good stand concept has been included in the price. The most important branding element in the stand concept is the large banner (approx. 2 x 4 metres) that is designed especially for every stand proposal, every customer. Creating a personal, branding customised stand concept each time. A stand concept that, whether or not with small alterations, can be utilized many times a year and / or for many years. has four different themes from which it starts in the composition of a stand concept. The four themes are: image, hospitality, information and product. These four aspects can be applied in various proportions based on the customer wishes. This is how we end up with a stand designed exactly to customer requirements.

An informative meeting in our showroom will also help to develop a stand concept that is perfect for you. You can also reach us through quote or through the contact button.

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