Weighing up whether or not to buy or rent a stand is a difficult decision. Calculations and publications demonstrate that if a company or organisation participates in trade fairs or events more than five times a year with a stand of the same dimensions it would be worth seriously considering purchasing a stand. The customer then has to accept the fairly high purchase price and has to have storage space and transport available and capable pairs of hands to be able to construct the stand each time. is a design that is intended to simplify the decision of whether to buy or rent for customers who would like the best of both worlds. The convenience of having a fixed stand design, without having to worry about the logistics. And without having to be concerned if they have enough materials for the following trade fair. takes all these worries off your hands. The stand is waiting for you when you arrive at the trade fair. For the prior known and agreed price (fixed price list), at the recorded time slot. And we do this throughout Europe.

We would be pleased to explain our approach and the possibilities during a visit to our showroom. Of course this is free of any obligation. We will be only too happy to discuss the advantages of buying or renting a stand with you. Concepts StandSite 01 the ORIGINAL and 03 ECO are available especially for all inclusive rental. Concept 02 IDENTITY is intended as a ‘ buy and build yourself’ kit, but we can construct it for you too. Buy or rent a stand, it is up to you. Call us on +31(0)418 510815 to arrange an appointment today.

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