A designer stand is not an end in itself, but a medium for achieving your objectives. strives to make every stand a designer stand. The 3 designs available all include strong design elements. And all 3 provide strong communication possibilities through standard banners  (01 the ORIGINAL), through printed walls (02 IDENTITY) or through standard LED illuminated walls (03 ECO). These means of communication are executed entirely in line with the customer wishes and house style, so that the designer stand complies with the wishes and objectives.

The eye catchers, too, which are available as an option, are finished entirely in line with the customer’s house style and the whole stand is delivered turnkey. It is also possible to have furniture match your company’s house style colour scheme.  All these elements contribute to the ambiance and success of the designer stand.

The designers can also create specific objects, displays, eye catchers or plan and have made components finished in your own colours if you wish: your designer stand in top form. Of course, you will always be properly informed of the extra costs in advance.

Are you interested in a reasonably priced designer stand? Please contact us.

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