With StandSite 02-IDENTITY, companies that are outgrown pop up stands can still build their own stand. Feature of this concept are the finished printed cloth aluminum walls in your own design. The imprinted banners are adjusted as desired. This way you can fit the branding of your stand to a specific target group or communication objective with each fair participation. And if your corporate identity, target group, product or market approach changes, simply adjust your stand to it.

The stands are fitted with carpettiles on a rubber underfloor in the color of your corporate identity, this will quickly cause a fresh image. The walls are provided with printed cloths which are tightly placed to the aluminum frames. This creates a visual and communicative stand where your brand- or corporate identity is expressed.With an all-in-one furniture element, you will have storage, an information desk and a seat at your disposal.

Choose for ‘buy and build yourself’ or let it build ‘all inclusive’. Ideal for multiple trade fair participations with low cost and a good result!

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